2069: The Military InFILLtration – Tony Genius & Jay Wu

In the second episode of PeterFever’s ‘2069: The Military InFILLtration,’ viewers are in for a steamy and intense interrogation scene featuring Tony Genius and Jay Wu. As the QBoys commander, Jay is no stranger to taking charge and getting what he wants.

But when he’s suddenly interrupted during a heated session with his main boy Ander, things take an unexpected turn.

Jay is in the middle of receiving some much-desired afternoon head from Ander when Pierce bursts into the room, bringing in the hot intruder, Tony Genius. With his strong arms, Pierce drags Genius into the interrogation room, and Jay sees an opportunity to get in on the action himself.

With Ander’s talented mouth at his disposal, Jay can’t resist the temptation and takes full advantage.


The scene is set in a darkened room with brushed metal walls, adding to the intensity and secrecy of the situation. Jay immediately begins to psychologically break down Tony with taunts and accusations. ‘You wanna piss on OUR bridge?

You think you can sneak around our complex?’ he challenges, as he strips off his shirt. ‘You’re gonna kiss me, and you’re gonna like it! You’re gonna be my toy?!’ Jay spits on Tony as he grabs him for a deep, slobbering kiss.

With Tony’s hands cuffed behind him, Jay takes control and peels down his undies, revealing Tony’s already hard cock. He begins to suck him off, and Tony’s body responds eagerly, showing just how much he’s enjoying it.

Jay takes full advantage of his captive, using him for his pleasure. ‘You’re not complaining anymore? I’m your master now!’ Jay exclaims as he continues to work his magic on Tony’s throbbing member.


Tony finds himself in a state of utter bliss as he happily nurses on Jay’s hard tool. But Jay is not satisfied yet and demands more from his captive. He grabs Tony’s hips and flips him over, making him wag his hairy ass in Jay’s face.

With Tony in position, Jay takes that ass bareback against the hard metal wall. He sits with his legs apart as Tony climbs on top, taking Jay’s dick deep into his ass.

With the pleasure reaching its peak, Jay can no longer hold back, and he squirts his heavy load onto Tony’s face and down his throat. But he’s not done with Tony yet.

‘You’re not leaving this room until you cum!’ he declares, and Tony obediently follows his orders, beating his dick off until he explodes into Jay’s bushy pubes.


After the intense session, Jay warns Tony to gather his things and return immediately. But as Tony walks away, he whispers into his wrist radio, revealing that he’s not beaten down yet.

He’s still working for the Loud Boys and has a plan of his own. Will he be able to outsmart Jay and the QBoys? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

The second episode of ‘2069: The Military InFILLtration‘ brings a thrilling and sensual addition to the storyline. With a talented cast and an explosive scene, viewers are sure to be delighted by the intense interrogation and the unexpected turn of events. Stay tuned for more episodes from PeterFever’s futuristic saga.

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