A Proper Welcome – Marcus Ashton & Roman Capellini

When it comes to meeting new neighbors, most people tend to tread cautiously. They may exchange polite greetings and maybe even share some homemade cookies to break the ice. But that’s not the case with Roman Capellini, a confident and bold individual who isn’t afraid to make the first move on Marcus Ashton.

So when a fit and handsome young Jawked hunk, Marcus Ashton, moves in next door, Roman wastes no time in introducing himself. And it’s not just a simple handshake or a hello, no, Roman goes straight for the kill. He greets Marcus with a confident grope of his cock.

Now, you may be thinking that this would shock and offend any ordinary person. But not Marcus. In fact, he’s quite intrigued and impressed by Roman’s straightforward nature. With a smile on his face, Marcus follows Roman upstairs to his bedroom.

As soon as the two are on the bed, clothes start coming off. Roman can’t help but admire Marcus’ immense physique, and who could blame him? Marcus is like a Greek god, with chiseled muscles and a body to die for. But it seems that while Roman is ravenous, his new neighbor is even more hungry for cock.


With clear skill, Marcus Ashton pulls Roman’s impressive erection free from his underwear and starts sucking him. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and Roman can’t help but moan in pleasure. Marcus’ dick is one of the hardest and most rigid that Roman has ever encountered, and he is determined to make the most of it.

After a thorough blowjob, Roman is ready to return the favor. He eagerly gets on all fours, presenting his ass to Marcus. And without wasting any time, Marcus follows with his naked inches, pumping Roman’s eager and tight hole with his sporty dong.

As they engage in a passionate raw spooning fuck, it becomes clear that Marcus’ morning fitness routine probably always ends with a wank and cum in the shower. But not today. After making Roman’s cock pump that cream, Marcus is ready to unleash his own seed all over his new friend’s face and chest.

But their intimate encounter doesn’t end there. It’s clear that these two men have a strong physical connection, and it’s safe to say that Marcus Ashton will be paying his fellow tenants more visits in the future. Who knows where their friendship, or perhaps something more, will lead them next?


As for Roman, he certainly isn’t the shy type, and he has no qualms about making his desires and intentions known. His boldness has paid off, and he’s left with a new neighbor who not only shares his attraction but also his passion for pleasure.


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