A Tight Fit – Marcell Tykes and Spikey Dee

Brown-skinned beauty, Marcell Tykes is a brave bottom taking on a super hung hottie, Spikey Dee in this bone-heavy- fuck fest!

Marcell’s cock hungry curiosity gets the best of him during a delicious make-out sesh with Dee. The curious cutie can’t keep his hands off Spikey’s quickly hardening, huge hammer; and, Dee isn’t complaining!

He amps up the heat, feeling up Tykes tightening undies as well, Before Marcell ends up on his knees, with a mouthful of meat!

Tykes goes for it, throating Dee’s dangerously big bone till tasty tears stream from his eyes, as Spikey gives him a helping hand to the back of his head.


Then, Dee’s dick starts craving some ass; and, Marcell ends up on his back, heels to the heavens.

His hole is hungry and can accommodate more meat than his mouth, which suits Spikey just fine. He hammers away at Tyke’s tender hot spot, pounding the pretty boy to absolute ecstasy.

Our tantric top tenderizes the tight-bodied twink on his back(Watch here), and side before hopping on the bed and grabbing hold of his guy for pounding so powerfully, Marcell spews his white hot, sex spunk all over that buttery brown skin.

Dee revels in the sexy sight. He continues cramming cock in his bottom’s butt till he feels that familiar tightening in his balls.


Then, he hops up and empties his nut’s naughty contents all over the beautiful bottom’s freshly banged-out booty hole.

The gorgeous glazed doughnut looks too luscious not to dive back in; so, our boy does just that!

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