After Dinner Dick – Billy Garcia and Melo Prince

Billy Garcia and Melo Prince have had a delicious supper, but they already know what they want for dessert. The two BoyFun twinks preserve the treat until they return to the couch, where their lips instantly meet and their clothes begin to fall off.

With their cocks swollen and ready for pleasure, the two resume their make-out session in their adorable underwear. Billy Garcia is the first to sample his lover’s hard young cock, gripping his flesh and sucking on the delectable tip while bobbing up and down on his boyfriend’s boner.

Of course, Melo is happy to repay the favor, providing an equally exquisite cock sucking for his pal’s thick and curved erection. Billy Garcia is ready to sink his raw young cock between his cheeks, fucking his boyfriend from behind while Melo wanks himself, after a taste of Melo’s velvety small hole.

A ride on his friend’s proud prong brings them closer to their creamy finale, with a final spooning leading to the splooge-splashing climax. That is unquestionably the best way to conclude a dinner date. Watch This Scene Here!

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