Alterna Dudes: Boyfriend Dick – Jay Wu & Kylan Boyd

It seems like the start of this year has brought us a lot of steamy new content on our gay sex blog, and the trend continues with the addition of another hot gay porn studioAlterna Dudes. We couldn’t be more excited to feature their first-ever scene on our blog titled ‘Boyfriend Dick‘, starring two adorable Asian twinks, Jay Wu and Kylan Boyd.

Some of you may be familiar with Jay Wu from his previous post on PeterFever, but now he has an even bigger platform to showcase his talents. In this new scene, we see Jay with an insatiable desire to plug a hole, and luckily, his boyfriend Kylan Boyd is right there in bed next to him.

Jay wastes no time and passionately starts making out with Kylan, shoving his extra-long tongue down his throat to get him even more turned on.

With Kylan now primed and ready for some dick, Jay goes for the kill. He takes off Kylan’s underwear and plunges his cock right into his mouth, starting off with some intense oral action. And when Jay’s own cock is throbbing hard, he knows it’s time for the main event.


He positions himself behind Kylan and thrusts deep into his open hole, giving him exactly what he wants – a hard, raw pounding.

As the two twinks get lost in the moment, their moans and groans fill the room and it’s clear that they are both enjoying every second of it. Jay’s long and thick cock effortlessly slides in and out of Kylan’s tight hole, and it’s a perfect fit.

After reaching the peak of pleasure, Jay fucks the cum right out of Kylan and then delivers the grand finale – a massive load all over Kylan’s face and mouth.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Kylan eagerly accepts Jay’s cum and gargles it like mouthwash, before Jay leans down to share a passionate kiss and taste his own hot load. It’s a perfect way to end a hot and steamy scene – with two lovers sharing an intimate moment together.


We can’t wait to see more from Alterna Dudes and their talented cast of Asian twinks. ‘Boyfriend Dick‘ is just the beginning, and we know there are plenty more sizzling scenes to come. So stay tuned and keep following our blog for all the latest updates and releases from this exciting new addition of gay porn.

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