An Executive Bargain – Bastian Karim & Justin Jett

Bastian Karim portrays a young businessman in training, while Justin Jett is the intended victim. However, this is Bastian’s cover. He is an intelligence service operative charged with obtaining a folder containing extremely private material from Mr. Jett.

Everything goes in the realm of espionage, and Bastian’s covert operation has a “cost.” Bastian enticed Justin by having him evaluate a business plan, assist set up investor meetings, and even have sex.

Justin is expecting and receiving “payment” for his assistance today. But, while the naughty young stud appears to be having a great time during the suited sex play session, he has managed to access Mr. Jetts’ home under an alias and taken the folder he has been tasked with recovering.

Mr. Jett praises the young man before departing, who says, “Oh, I got more than I needed.”

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