Andrew Stark Is Back In Action For The ‘Final Cut’ Finale!

A big name returns for the final episode of THE SWORDS: FINAL CUT! Yes, industry legend Andrew Stark has returned to save the day and do some genuinely gravity-defying feats alongside dynamic NakedSword Originals rookie Danny Starr in the last part of this NakedSword action-adventure epic.

Watch the complete finale flip-fuck right now on “the Netflix of gay porn” and make sure to catch up on every must-see moment from THE SWORDS series at

Muscled dude with tattoos Danny Starr has enlisted the assistance of gay porn icon and top-ranked peacekeeper Andrew Stark to assist in the recovery of the stolen Swords manifesto. But just because they’re on a top-secret operation doesn’t mean they can’t take a mid-day flip-fuck.

Danny goes down on his knees in front of the fireplace to blow Andrew, manhandle his thick cheeks, and rim his hair-lined hole. Andrew then rides on the uncut meat of the ripped star before getting sucked off and 69 with Danny.


Next, Andrew Stark uses his own bareback cock to penetrate Danny’s ass until each of them has emptied on Danny’s abs and all over his beard. With both agents completely depleted, all that remains is to extract the manifesto and confront a final betrayal.

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