Andy & Junior in the “Robbed & Ridden” Scene on BoyFun

Andy Reyes, a fit young twink boy, comes to the aid of poor little Junior Jones after he is mugged of his phone in the street. You or I may contemplate contacting the cops or pursuing the perpetrator of his daylight robbery, but Junior appears to be content to follow his new pal home for some BoyFun.

The heightened feeling seemed to draw the boys together, and soon enough young Junior is making out with his new companion and enjoying the comfort of a tasty cock to suck. The cops are surely hours away if they answer such a complaint at all. So it seems normal for these sleek young lads to get to know each other with their uncut cocks dripping cum in their mouths.

Junior has most likely forgotten about his phone by the time tanned twink Andy is licking at his hairless tiny pucker, but he’s surely moved on when his new friend’s bare cock nudges up into his moist hole and pushes within. Little Junior gets a good spooning before receiving some hot thrusts from behind and flipping over for a good ramming, his engorged pink cock begging for release as he rubs and strokes.

The combination of his new friend’s dick within him and his eager jacking gets him so close, but it’s Andy’s massive meat’s promise of a cum shower that ultimately has him splashing his sperm all over his abs. Andy is soon inspired to unleash his own magnificent cum shower from his massive dong, spewing his warm and creamy mess all over the youngster in a final explosion that has us all joining in.


We may fairly presume Junior obtained his new friend’s phone number; all he needs now is a new phone. Enjoy this scene on BoyFun!

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