Andy Reyes & Col Raider in the “Undie Sniffer” on BoyFun

Col Raider is such a kinky BoyFun lad, he’s got a thing for underwear and he can’t wait to breathe in the funk from his pal Andy Reyes’ well-worn briefs.

Col sneaks into the laundry room after seeing his buddy fill the machine and retrieves his target, savoring the perfume of ball perspiration while groping his own bulging muscle in his jeans. Of course, you can foresee that he’ll be caught in a BoyFun act, stroking his dong and inhaling that musk, but it appears that his pal is more inclined to give him more than he could have expected.

Instead of sneaking around and jerking off in his buddy’s worn underpants, he could have simply asked Andy for that juicy dick, and Andy would have gladly shared it. Within moments, he’s on his knees, slurping on the flesh itself, swallowing the precum oozing from Andy’s enormous twink meat. He can’t believe his good fortune, but Andy can’t believe what a cock sucker his friend is, taking his dick right to the balls.

He’s quickly bobbing up and down on Col’s similarly tasty boner, licking his tight tiny hole, eager to try some dick himself. When Col was stroking his erection while breathing in that bromantic scent, he never imagined he’d be taking that big bareback dick in his tight little hole, but now that his friend knows what he’s into, Andy is more than eager to fuck him all over the couch, ramming him in every position, making the boy pump his cum from his dome before feeding him his tasty ball cream.

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