Apolo Fernandez & Nico Vegas – Poser Gets Pounded

There is a common misconception that being a poser is a negative trait, associated with being fake and insincere. However, there are moments when posing can be the most genuine and captivating thing one can do, especially when it involves being shirtless for a gorgeous twink like Apolo Fernandez.

In the latest installment of BoyFun’s steamy and sensual videos, we see Apolo Fernandez engaging in some arty doodling on his bed.

The extremely cute boy is completely absorbed in his creative process when a knock on the door interrupts him. To his pleasant surprise, it is his super lean friend Nico Vegas, offering to model for him.

Nico Vegas is not shy when it comes to showing off his fine body. As a bit of a narcissus, he is more than happy to volunteer as a model for his friend.


As Apolo admires his friend’s shapely form, he can’t help but feel a bit turned on. And who can blame him? With Nico’s uncut cock already swollen in his colorful briefs, it’s hard to resist a closer look.

The sexiness of the moment is palpable as the two friends undress and get naked. They share some steamy and passionate kisses before moving on to some delicious oral foreplay. Nico eagerly sucks on Apolo’s big uncut cock, breaking some unwritten artist rules but caring little about it.

But it’s not just Apolo receiving pleasure, as Nico enjoys his first taste of his friend’s delicious dong. The two boys are completely lost in the moment, their hard and glistening cocks covered in precum and spit.

Soon enough, Apolo takes the lead and starts licking Nico’s ass, getting him ready for the main event. With his friend’s hole properly lubed up, Apolo eagerly eases his naked rod between those smooth cheeks.


He starts off taking Nico from behind, enjoying the feeling of his friend’s tight hole wrapped around his cock. But then he switches it up and lets Nico take control, bouncing on his naked inches with wild abandon.

As they both get closer to the edge, Apolo shifts to his back, with Nico still inside him, and his big cock starts spewing hot cum. It’s a sight to behold as the poser releases all his pent-up pleasure, with Apolo still pumping away inside him.

But the fun is not over yet. There’s still one more thing left to do – give the super-sexy model a well-deserved reward for his inspirational efforts.

Apolo wanks his cum out all over Nico’s face, completing the wild and erotic experience.


The two friends share a moment of intense intimacy and connection, proving that sometimes, being a poser can lead to unforgettable and passionate moments.

So next time someone calls you a poser, don’t take it as an insult. Embrace your inner power and let yourself be vulnerable and authentic, just like Apolo and Nico did in this steamy and sensual video. And who knows, you might just end up having the best and most passionate experiences of your life.

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