BoyFun: Apolo In My Ass – Apolo Fernandez & Jean Gilliam

When it comes to BoyFun, there is no doubt that Apolo Fernandez and Jean Gilliam are the ultimate dynamic duo. In ‘Apolo In My Ass’ gay twink porn scene, these two handsome twinks met on the steps of one of the oldest buildings in their historic town, and boy, did sparks fly.

Even though their initial encounter was over their mutual love for history, it was not long before their love for each other’s bodies took over. Apolo, with his charming smile and smooth skin, could not resist making a move on young Jean. A slight grope of his inner thigh was enough to send a clear message that there was more to their friendship than just admiring photographs.

Apolo, with his charming smile and boyish good looks, was no stranger to making friends. He struck up a conversation with Jean, who was busy taking photos of the surroundings. Their love for history brought them together, but little did they know, their shared love for something else would bring them even closer.

It was evident from the moment they met that there was a strong attraction between the two boys. Apolo wasted no time and made the first move, a subtle touch on Jean’s inner thigh, sending a clear message that there was more than just a platonic friendship between them. Jean responded eagerly, and the two found themselves back at Apolo’s bedroom in no time.

As soon as the door was closed, their hands frantically explored every inch of each other’s bodies, stripping away their clothes to reveal their smooth and toned figures. Apolo’s thick and curved cock was already hard and dripping with anticipation as Jean wasted no time in devouring it with his mouth. He expertly licked, sucked, and stroked it, making Apolo moan with pleasure.

Not one to be outdone, Apolo returned the favor, using his skillful tongue to tease and please Jean’s sensitive areas. With his hole properly licked and wet, Jean was ready to take Apolo’s throbbing member inside him. He moaned in pleasure as Apolo filled him up, the sensation of being stretched and filled sending shivers down his spine.

The two boys moved seamlessly, switching positions to fulfill their cravings for each other. First, it was Jean taking it from behind, moaning in ecstasy as Apolo pounded him. Then he turned around, sitting on top of Apolo for a wild ride. They finished with a slow and sensual spooning fuck, savoring every moment of their intense passion.

As they both reached their climax, the room was filled with the sounds of their moans and the sight of their bodies intertwined. Apolo released his load all over Jean’s back, creating a gooey white mess, while at the same time, Jean’s own dick erupted, covering his slim body in his own semen.

Their session ended with a satisfied sigh and a sweaty embrace. As they lay next to each other, basking in the afterglow, Apolo couldn’t help but think that this was how a local boy should welcome all hot tourists like him. With a smile on his face, he whispered to Jean, ‘This was amazing.’ And without hesitation, Jean replied, ‘You are amazing.’

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