Freshmen Issue #373: Bart Cuban and Ethan O’Pry (Part 1)

In this video, we meet two handsome guys who have an exceptional connection. Bart Cuban and Ethan O’Pry both come from Hungary and are passionate gym rats.

Here we see them engage in a push-up challenge on the terrace. They then jump into the jacuzzi where Ethan starts to seduce his good friend.

These two have voracious sexual appetites and are both fully versatile. They decide to move indoors where Ethan kneels to reward his friend with a deep blowjob before Bart returns the favor.

Then the only question is: who will be the bottom? This is soon answered when Bart offers his butt for rimming. Ethan’s excitement keeps rising until he finally slides his hard manhood into Bart.


After fucking his friend from multiple angles, Bart explodes in a volcanic cumshot. Ethan keeps thrusting until he too produces a creamy load.

What better demonstration of friendship can there be than this?

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