Audition: Baxtian Bastidas Exclusive Solo Session on BoyFun

We see a lot of beautiful lads who appear to be natural BoyFun performers. And we believe Baxtian Bastidas has been watching lots of BoyFun videos. He went to the studio well-prepared to give the fans exactly what they desire. This very smooth and gorgeous young twink enjoys working out and being fit. He’s not a big muscle guy just yet. He’s just the right amount of twink and jock.

He seemed to be aware that he looks excellent, showing his tanned physique and immediately oiling himself up for a good presentation. There isn’t a single guy watching who wouldn’t want to be there to oil him up. He’s quickly groping the form of his swollen penis, stripped down to his bulging underwear and gorgeous white socks. We can already tell he has a great cock to play with, and he’s slipping his underpants down to display his lovely uncut dick in a matter of moments.

Baxtian teases us by secretly massaging his meat before lifting his legs to show off his silky pucker. This boy appears to be new to revealing his hole, but the innocent and taunting manner in which he does it will have you all hoping you could slide inside and fill him up.

He clearly came to the studio well-prepared. He’s bursting forth a volcano stream of cum with a little more slippery wanking of his throbbing cock. His warm semen flowed over his fingers and hand, making his satisfied banana even slicker with his boy secretions.


We are eager to see him again, and we know you are as well.

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