Boy With Wood – Carlos Costa and Josh Cavalin

Sexy little Carlos Costa is hard at work outside cutting wood for the fire when horny twink Josh Cavalin arrives to distract him from his task.

It’s not too tough to divert the attention of this sweaty boy, and certainly, not a challenge to persuade him into sharing some stiff-dicked fun in the shade.

A little roaming of Josh’s hands and the laboring boy is ready to relax in the best possible way. With a few tender smooches the two shirtless boys are eager to focus on another kind of wood entirely.

Josh’s big youthful erection is bursting out of his sky-blue briefs and the moment it’s free his tanned little hard-working friend is collecting it in his mouth, sucking on his damp tip and sliding his lips along his meaty shaft.


Of course, Josh is more than a little eager to wrap his lips around the delicious dong his buddy Carlos has for him, licking and sucking on the juicy inches and turning his attention to the twitching little pucker between the boy’s cheeks when he lays back and lifts his legs.

It’s an open invitation that his friend Josh is more than happy to accept.

With that hole wet and ready Josh eases his naked cock inside, filling the boy’s warm and fleshy tunnel from behind before Carlos impales his pucker down on Josh’s rod and enjoys a lovely ride.

The gooey mess these boys share when they’ve finally reached their limits of pleasure will surely have you all erupting with equal vigor.

There’s not a viewer out there who wouldn’t love to have a lad like him come and handle your wood with such skill. Watch the video here!

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