Don’t Get Caught – Isaac Muller and Jacob Buccella

In this BoyFun session with slender and incredibly gorgeous Jacob Buccella, Colombian lad Isaac Muller makes a wonderful first impression. In fact, his impersonation is so brilliant that Jacob pulls his magnificent cock out in public and flashes the stranger. Isaac may not have expected such a daring exhibition. Soon, he’s enthralled enough to accompany Jacob to a private little nook where he greedily hopes to suck on that delicious twink dong.

Thankfully, the boys realize that getting down to business requires a little more privacy. So once they’ve located a bed to play in, their delectable erections get switched in a heated session of slurping. The two twinks are perfect for each other, both sleek and lithe, horny as hell, and with damp cocks begging for pleasure.

With those first licks and sucks out of the way Isaac is ready to offer his hot little hole for some lapping and tongue fucking. You can bet Jacob won’t hold back. With the way he seems to like slapping that ass and eating out his new companion, it’s a wonder he has time to slip his bareback boner in there.

Isaac pumps his naked cock within, filling his new friend and slamming him from behind and above. He could easily unload in that snug chute, but won’t be satisfied. He waited for a chance to impale his own ass down on his new friend’s meat.

Their flip fucking is effective. Isaac lies on his back, enjoying a second round of boner thrusting. His sloppy cock milk sprayed all over his tight abs. Meanwhile, Jacob spurts the boy’s handsome face with his warm twink cum.

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