Call Me Maybe – Billy Garcia and Nicolas Greey

Nicolas Greey is one of the most imaginative young men we’ve ever seen. He doesn’t just cruise around town seeking handsome guys like Billy Garcia to make eye contact with. He takes the initiative and gets right up to them, grabs their phone, and enters his number.

We wouldn’t encourage attempting this tactic yourself, you’ll be more likely to be tackled as a suspected mugger. But it appears to work for him and soon he’s having some BoyFun on the couch with his new friend. Their make-out session is long and passionate, but with their t-shirts off and their hands roaming, it doesn’t take long for tanned boy Nicolas to be sucking on his smooth new buddy’s long curved cock.

As young Billy quickly realizes, his own thicker meat is just as delectable, but Billy’s ass is even better. Nicolas’ pucker is ready for a fast fucking after some fantastic tongue work. His lengthy dick slipped inside and slammed Billy from behind.

A good ride for the hook-up ends with Billy slinging his cum out of his lengthy erection. Splashing over his thigh, a mess quickly doubled when Nicolas Greey rips his naked length free and jerks his banana to a sloppy finish.

These boys may enter both of their phone numbers into my phone at any time.

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