Cine-X 2, Editor’s Cut – Ivan Gregory & Viktor Rom

This is an Editor’s Cut of the Menatplay movie “Return To Cine-X“, originally released on March 11, 2016, featuring Ivan Gregory and Viktor Rom. After scoring an anonymous fuck with Denis Vega a few weeks ago at Cine-X, Ivan Gregory makes a second visit to the sleazy cinema for some more debauchery.

And it doesn’t take long before he’s sucking Viktor Rom’s 8.5” thick and juicy meat; swallowing every last inch.

But as much as Viktor enjoys getting blown, he desperately needs to get his dick in some hot ass. He bends Ivan over to expose his tight hole and gives it a nice deep fucking. Slowly at first but picking up the pace until he is ramming Ivan’s muscular ass hard and fast.

Ivan hasn’t had his fill and he isn’t leaving without a mouthful of his delicious cum, and the Venezuelan stud is more than happy to feed him every last drop!

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