Blond Twinks Eat Ass – AJ Baxter & Danny Junior

Today, BoyFun Studios presents an exciting new episode titled ‘Blond Twinks Eat Ass’ featuring two hot and cocky twinks: AJ Baxter and Danny Junior. These two boys are out on the town, experiencing all the sights and sounds of the city, but it’s clear that their real desire is just to get back to their rented room and have some Boyfun.

As they walk through the streets, AJ can’t seem to keep his hands off of Danny, eagerly groping and kissing him in the back alleys. It’s clear that AJ’s interest lies not in the architecture and history of the city, but in something far more thrilling – Danny’s big, juicy cock.

Once they make it back to their room, AJ wastes no time getting down to business, wrapping his mouth around Danny’s throbbing cock. But Danny is determined to have his own fun, and he turns his attention to AJ’s delectable ass, spending a good amount of time licking and lapping at his tight pucker.

For some, this might just be a quick moment of foreplay, but it’s clear that Danny has a real love for AJ’s ass. He takes his time to thoroughly prepare him before easing his bareback pole inside and giving his bottom boy an intense ball-slapping pounding from behind.


But the oral pleasure is far from over for these two horny twinks. They switch to the bed where roles are reversed, and AJ returns the favor by rimming and tongue-bathing Danny’s hole before taking his big, throbbing cock in his mouth.

These two boys can’t get enough of each other, and they continue to pleasure each other until AJ can’t hold back any longer and shoots his load all over Danny’s face. But Danny isn’t done yet, and he gives AJ another hot round of cum before collapsing in a satisfied heap.

With its perfect balance of cocky attitude, intense oral and anal action, and explosive orgasms, ‘Blond Twinks Eat Ass’ is a must-see episode from BoyFun Studios. -Don’t miss out on the steamy and cocky fun.

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