Colby Knox: Show Us Your Hole Jesse Stone

The gay porn industry is constantly evolving with new studios, performers, and content being introduced all the time. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Colby Knox, a hot new studio on our blog that is doing well in the game.

And what better way to kick off the new year than with a steamy webcam video featuring some of their hottest stars?

In this video, we see Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, and Jesse Stone sitting on a sofa, fully nude and ready to please their audience. Colby and Mickey begin by worshipping Jesse’s flexed biceps, admiring his strong arms and encouraging him to show them off even more.

The competition heats up as Colby and Jesse engage in a ‘hole off,’ flaunting their backsides to the camera.


But the real treat comes when it’s time for the ‘worship Mickey’ portion of the video. Mickey gets on his knees between Colby and Jesse, and the men engage in a passionate make-out session.

Colby even takes a moment to sniff his boo’s armpit, showing off their intimate connection. Jesse then turns his attention to Mickey’s ‘beef,’ while Colby watches and smacks Jesse’s cheeks, causing them to jiggle.

But the real excitement starts when an audience member requests for Jesse to pick someone for some good old-fashioned spanking. And who does he choose? Colby, of course! Colby is not too keen on the idea at first, but Jesse insists and ultimately Colby submits to his ‘fate.’

As Mickey warms up his hands for the task, Colby playfully jokes, ‘I arrange your flights.’ It’s all part of the fun and games between these horny husbands.


Mickey takes his turn at spanking Colby’s backside, leaving a few handprints on his ‘cake.’ After some tender kisses from Mickey, Colby admits that he feels so much better after getting spanked.

The three then engage in some intense make-out sessions, reminding us that they are truly a ‘happy couple’ as Jesse calls them.

But the audience demands more, and it’s Jesse’s turn to be spanked. Without hesitation, Colby demands that Jesse present his ‘big, plump, alabaster butt cheeks’ for him and Mickey to beat. Jesse happily obliges and it doesn’t take long for his cheeks to turn a rosy red.

And as Mickey takes a bathroom break off-screen, Jesse seizes the opportunity to pleasure Colby by sucking his thick cock. It’s a perfect ending to a steamy webcam session and a fantastic introduction to the world of Colby Knox.


We are excited to see what this partnership will bring and look forward to more scorching content from Colby Knox in the future. So here’s to a hot and satisfying 2024, and may our readers continue to enjoy the latest and greatest in the porn game. Happy New Year’s, everyone!

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