ColbyKnox: Kane Fox Dicks Down Mickey Knox

In this week’s update at ColbyKnox, fans were in for a treat as Kane Fox returned to the studio, but this time, he was paired up with Mickey Knox. The last time Kane was at ColbyKnox, he found himself in a playful debate with Colby Chambers about who should bottom.

Unfortunately for Kane, he didn’t come out on top. This week, however, he was all smiles as he was set to enjoy the pleasures of being on the receiving end with Mickey.

The scene starts with the two lads dressed only in shorts, engaging in some romantic kissing. The two have strong queerotic experiences as they run their hands over each other’s bodies. Kane’s chest is adorned with tattoos, adding to his bad-boy charm, while Mickey admires him with a smile.

As the tension builds, Mickey takes the lead and begins to snack on one of Kane’s nipples, causing him to let out a soft moan. The lads then move on to the main event, with Mickey swallowing Kane’s tool and giving him some mind-blowing head. ‘Fuck,’ Kane whispers.


‘That feels good.’ The pleasure is evident on his face as Mickey works his magic.

Mickey smiles when he comes up for air, clearly enjoying himself. ‘Look at that cock,’ he exclaims. ‘Hell, yeah!’ Kane then takes matters into his own hands, quite literally, as he grabs a handful of Mickey’s booty. ‘I want to see that hole,’ Kane demands.

The two waste no time and quickly strip off their shorts, with Mickey getting on his hands and knees, ready for some action.

Kane eagerly dives right in, using his tongue to please Mickey’s hole. ‘Play with my cock as you eat it,’ Mickey begs. Without hesitation, Kane’s tongue works on Mickey’s pole and hole, eliciting moans of pleasure from him.


‘You taste so good,’ Kane observes as he spreads his spit all over the hairy hole, getting it prepped for a good fucking.

‘You want some dick now?’ Kane asks, already knowing the answer. He puts his bare dick at the opening, pushing it slowly in. ‘Yeah, fuck my ass,’ Mickey groans. Kane is slow but once he’s in, the strokes are deep and to the balls. ‘You like that?’ Kane asks. ‘Pound that fucking hole,’ Mickey demands, clearly in the driver’s seat.

As they continue with the intense pounding, Kane takes control and grabs Mickey’s hips, going even deeper. ‘You’re so deep,’ Mickey whimpers. ‘You like that dick?’ Kane wonders. Mickey’s moans of pleasure are the perfect answer. 🙂 He falls to his stomach as Kane continues the deep dicking, fulfilling Mickey’s desires.

But Kane is not satisfied yet. He wants to feel Mickey on top of him, so they switch it up. Mickey straddles Kane, and as he sits down, he exclaims, ‘Oh, that was a lot!’ The rod splits him in two, but Mickey loves every moment of it.


They then change positions for a third time, with Mickey putting his legs in the air. Kane re-inserts his rod, causing Mickey’s mouth to open from the shock. His toes curl, and he exclaims, ‘You like that?’ as Kane pounds him hard.

The scene ends with Mickey lying on his back, looking satisfied and spent. ‘That was perfect,’ he exclaims. And we couldn’t agree more. With Mickey’s hole being expertly destroyed by Kane, this week’s update at ColbyKnox is one to add to your list of favorites.

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