Cole Connor Top Muscle Hunk Sean Zevran In Final Cut

The second chapter of THE SWORDS saga’s conclusion is now available! On, fan-favorite superstar and Muscle Hunk Sean Zevran is paying a surprise visit to the organization’s top-secret desert training site to make Exclusive Cole Connor an unbeatable offer. It’s a suspenseful episode of THE SWORDS you won’t want to miss! See the previous episode here!

Sean Zevran, a porn star, has unexpectedly visited the Swords’ top-secret desert training site to make Cole Connor an offer he can’t refuse.

Cole accepts and assists in slipping Sean into the agency’s vast stronghold, and the two decide they need to unleash some of their newly discovered adrenaline. Cole goes to his knees, alone, to suck Sean’s enormous dick and rim his muscular bubble butt.

Muscle Hunk Sean then rides Cole’s hairy bareback cock while resting on one of the cave’s bridges before getting on his back and spreading his massive thighs. Sean blows his load after a few more strokes into Cole’s ass before Cole pulls out to add to the puddle of jizz over Sean’s six-pack.

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