BoyFun: Colombian Teens – Junior Jones & Luis Angel

Junior Jones and gorgeous Luis Angel make for a hot Colombian teens combination, and they are well aware of it. They always draw a lot of attention when they’re out and about, and everyone knows they have a great time together. In this sexy encounter, we get confirmation of it by following them around while they take in the sights and then following them back to the bedroom when it’s time to enjoy those big uncut Colombian teens cocks.

They complement one another so beautifully in so many ways. Their shared enthusiasm for the cock is the most visible feature of their connection, as they skillfully free their turgid dicks and slurp each other’s luscious dongs. Luis’ slightly hairy torso stands in stark contrast to Junior’s flawless form, but no onlooker would be able to choose between them if the offer was made.

With their dicks wet and glistening and young Junior’s hole skilfully sucked out, Luis doesn’t waste time, sliding his long adolescent cock between his cheeks and filling him up with his warm firmness. Junior quickly takes charge, bouncing on his buddy’s boner before spooning with his own long dong, still gushing pre and throbbing with excitement.

The double jack-off finishing is a sloppy affair, but what would you expect from two boned-up teen males with heavy balls? Junior enjoys the sensation of hot sperm splashing over his body, and we enjoy seeing it.

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