This Huge Dick Gets Ready To Be Worshipped By Devin Franco

The second episode of WORSHIP ME is officially released with Devin Franco joining THE SWORDS saga while on a quest to worship Cliff Jensen’s huge Dick! Now playing on, watch as this fan-favorite celebrity heads to Big Bear to praise every inch of this hunk’s huge dick.

The Scene Part Two: Worship Me Cliff Jensen’s huge Dick— NakedSword’s New Premiere

When Devin Franco desires the taste of raw cock and warm nuts, he knows he can turn to Cliff Jensen for aid. Devin, on his knees, expresses his gratitude for Cliff’s hard-on by swallowing the girthy hog and savoring its flavor.

Cliff’s enormous dick gets stroked into Devin’s wide throat before Cliff spits on his hole and pushes his bareback cock deep inside Devin. Devin drops his jaw as Cliff accelerates his thrusting and spanks Devin’s strong cheek till it’s bright red, grateful for the furious hammering he’s experiencing.

Now on his back with his thick thighs spread far apart, Devin sprawls himself across a faux fur throw as he’s climaxing and then repositions himself to eat the creamy load from Cliff that he so desperately needs. See part one here!

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