Dick for Dee – Cody Hall and Spikey Dee

Fresh off his first fire hot, Helix fuck flick, cocksure Cody Hall has the cojones to jump into the deep end, with supersized Spikey Dee!

And, may we add, the future superstar’s cock slingin’ swagger will DEFINITELY satisfy!

After tangling tongues, the naughty newbie has the respect to kneel at the alter of Dee’s oversized appendage, and deep throat that dick like the devil made him do it!

After the hellishly hot hummer, Spikey gets down on all fours, arches that sinewy back like a slut, and slathers his praises on the pretty boy’s bone. Handsy Hall caresses Spikey’s seat as he sucks.


Once our boy takes the hot hint, he bends over and receives the ass-licking of a lifetime.

Hall has the whore begging him to, “put it in already!” That’s all the tight-bodied, top twink needed to hear. He dicks Dee’s delicious dumper down, as Spike moans, and looks back at him as he hammers.

The new boy on the block isn’t afraid to say what he wants, and what he wants is to bang the boy out on his back!

Spikey spreads ’em, tosses his head back, and braces himself for Cody’s cock as he palms his perfect piece.


He jacks his juicy jock, throws down some dirty talk, and watches the twink top as he tames his tail.

Hall’s hot, tatted torso picks up the pace, and Dee’s strokes speed up as he moans for more.

His smooth, ripped, trim twink body tightens up right before release.

Then, his eyes roll back, and his big rig blows, splattering cum all over his smooth, convulsing stomach.


The glistening goo glows, gleaming bright as it highlights his shredded, sexy center.

Cody’s breath quickens. and he pulls out, blasting the bad boy with an unbelievably extra large load that not only coats his well-cocked crack, but his tasty taint, and slutty cheeks as well.

Dee’s flushed face eases up to taste Cody’s kiss once more, as the boys smolder in sweet, sticky satisfaction.

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