PeterFever: Dicked Down – Kylan Boyd & Jay Wu

It was a typical morning for Kylan Boyd, a hot young twink who enjoyed nothing more than spending his days lazing around in bed. As he stretched in the sheets, feeling the warmth of the sun on his skin, he couldn’t help but let out a satisfied sigh. But little did he know, his morning was about to get even hotter.

In the next room, sexy Asian stud Jay Wu was starting his day as well. After a good night’s sleep, his bladder was full and he made his way to the toilet to relieve himself. As he stood over the bowl, he couldn’t help but notice his own reflection in the mirror and admire his toned body and chiseled abs. But what caught his attention even more was the sight of Kylan lying in bed, looking irresistible and tempting.

Jay couldn’t resist the urge and made his way to the bedroom. As he walked in, Kylan’s eyes lit up and a sly grin spread across his face. Being the adventurous and spontaneous types, they wasted no time in getting down to business. Jay climbed onto the bed and snuggled up next to Kylan, giving him a deep, wet kiss. Kylan’s body responded immediately, his hungry little hole aching to be filled.

As Jay worked his tongue down Kylan’s throat, the bottom’s hands instinctively reached for Jay’s bulging groin. His undies slid down with ease, and the two studs traded wet blowjobs, each one eagerly taking turns pleasing the other. But Jay’s cock couldn’t wait any longer, and it had its eyes set on Kylan’s sweet ass.

With one swift motion, Jay slammed his thick member deep into Kylan’s throbbing hole. His cock pounded Kylan’s magic P-spot over and over, driving the twink wild with pleasure. Kylan couldn’t hold back any longer, and a juicy wad of cum geyser out of him. But Jay wasn’t done yet, and he stood above Kylan’s wide-open mouth to dump his thick, creamy load deep into his hungry gullet.

Kylan eagerly gulped it down, savoring the musky flavor as if it were the best morning rinse of mouthwash. But Jay wasn’t finished yet. He slid his tongue into Kylan’s cummy mouth, savoring the last taste before starting his day. As they lay there, spent but satisfied, they couldn’t help but smile at each other, enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies and the afterglow of an amazing morning encounter.

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