Doctor’s Orders – Kayden Gray and Mike De Marko

Dr. Mike de Marko, M.D. believes that his position at the hospital as a senior surgeon entitles him to humiliate slightly eager young student doctors. But he met his match when Kayden Grey attends his study session.

With no patient available to assess or treat, Dr. de Marko insists that Kayden Gray sit in as the patient. He proceeds to cut the pant leg of Kayden’s suit open up to his crotch. But, Kayden’s naive demeanor is betrayed by a raging hardon that Mike attempts to deal with, at first professionally but then succumbs to his unprofessional desires.

After deep-throating Kayden’s huge dick, Kayden decides it’s time to retaliate and cut the senior doctor’s pants, making a hole just in the right place. Cocky Doctor de Marko not only gets his precious suit trashed but also gets fucked hard by young Kayden’s thick cock(Watch here). This cocky doctor deserves his comeuppance!

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