Get My Good Side – Justin Host and Melo Prince

“Get My Good Side” – Justin Host and Melo Prince. – Social media has opened up a new page of possibilities for many teenagers and young adults. One of the most popular activities is taking and sharing selfies – a self-portrait photograph, usually taken with a smartphone and shared on social media platforms.

Melo Prince, a smooth and twinky boy, is no exception to this trend. He is always looking for any opportunity to snap a perfect selfie and share it with his followers online. Little does he know, he has a friend who is more than happy to assist him in getting that perfect shot – his BoyFun pal, Justin Host.

While Melo may be taking these selfies to attract potential dates online, he doesn’t have to look any further than his impromptu photographer – Justin. With each photo, Melo starts to show a little more skin and this quickly catches Justin’s attention.

He becomes enraptured by his smooth and irresistible friend and finds himself wanting to sample the goods for himself before anyone else does. Without hesitation, Justin wraps his lips around Melo’s delicious cock and begins to tenderly suck on it.


As both boys continue to get more turned on, they find themselves in a mutual race to get naked and indulge in some intimate activities.

Their desire quickly turns into a passionate bareback butt-banging session as they swap and share their naked, smooth bodies. Justin lustfully licks out Melo’s super tight hole before filling it up with his own throbbing cock.

Justin Host and Melo Prince engage in a hot and steamy ride, with Melo’s cock swinging and slapping around with urgency. He feels immense pleasure as he is taken in every position possible by Justin, who is not holding back in giving his friend a great fucking.

As they reach the peak of their pleasure, Melo and Justin are ready to pump their cock cream in a grand finale. Melo is expertly wanked and fucked to an explosive climax, while Justin feeds his cute friend his own fresh sperm.


The two boys lay there, basking in the afterglow of their wild and intimate encounter. Their friendship has reached a new level, and they both know that this will not be the last time they share such a passionate and intimate moment.

Now, as mentioned earlier social media and selfies reign supreme, Justin Host and Melo Prince have proven that the best moments in life are the ones shared with a good friend.

Their impromptu photoshoot has become a steamy and unforgettable experience, strengthening their bond and friendship. So the next time Melo is looking to snap a sexy selfie, he knows that all he has to do is turn to his BoyFun pal, Justin, for the perfect shot and a whole lot more. – And DON’T MISS to watch this scene.

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