Good Boys – Liam Rose and Timmy Cole

Timmy Cole and Liam Rose are two wonderful boys who know how to have fun in this new BoyFun encounter. The message on the wall instructing onlookers to “Be a good person” appears to have a positive effect on these sleek guys.

When Liam lets young Timmy into the complex, he immediately invites him back to his bedroom, and the young visitor swiftly follows.

He no likely knew what was in store for him, and with some caressing and kissing on the bed. The two are soon shirt and stripped down to their bulging briefs, with cocks straining for liberation. Timmy is excited to start working on his new friend’s thick cock. Wanking and sucking his host with delight before his own stiff erection is orally serviced by his ravenous host.

With both boners wet and throbbing, little Timmy’s hole is gently lapped, his pucker slobbered and probed until it’s ready for Liam’s length to slide straight in.


The pumping from behind is a wonderful start, but the boy’s ride on his friend’s penis brings them both closer to a creamy conclusion. A spooning and a reach around do the trick for sexy young Timmy, his come spurting across his smooth stomach.

Liam Rose is shortly ready to give his own enormous cum load, spilling his sperm all over the cute boy’s face and offering a taste of his secretions.

There are wonderful lads and there are good boys.

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