HardBritLads: Jay Dawson Bottoming For Milo Taylor

Discover the latest release from HardBritLads featuring UK’s hottest gay porn lads Jay Dawson and Milo Taylor. Enjoy the photo gallery after the story.

Horny well hung scally lads, Milo Taylor and Jay Dawson, have a sweltering session. Starting in their scally kit, they get a feel of each other’s bulges, semi-hard under their trackie bottoms. They pull out each other’s cocks and play with each other.

Both lads have big dicks and Jay gets down on his knees, opening his mouth wide to take in the girth of Milo’s meaty cock. He gets it to rock solid as he sucks, then gets it pushed deep into his throat by horny Milo.

They switch position and Milo gets down(watch here), slurping on the big bulging head of Jay’s throbbing cock, then sucks it deep, fucking his throat against it. On the sofa, Milo lays back holding his fat cock upright as Jay licks and sucks his nipple, then goes down for more deep wet sucking, and again gets his mouth and throat fucked, taking it deep.


Jay lays on his back now, and Milo gets to work on his hairy hole, giving it a good wet sloppy rimming, then fingering him as he sucks his cock, opening up his hole to take his fat meat. First, Jay sits down on it, taking it slowly in, then rides it for a bit before Milo grips his arse to fuck him harder.

Next, Jay is on his back, and Milo fucks him deep and steady(watch here), then harder and faster, making Jay’s cock throb and twitch, leaking precum. His cock starts pumping out several jets of hot spunk over his chest and abs, soaking himself.

Milo moves round to shoot his load over Jay’s face and shoots a significant load, squirts of jizz spraying over his face and into his mouth. Being the horny scally lad that he is, Jay cleans up every last drop!

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