ColbyKnox: Stud Finder with Ethan Adams & Colby Chambers

Ethan Adams needs a new boss who understands how a clock works! In this week’s hot twinks gayporn update at ColbyKnox, he plays an apprentice, waiting for his foreman to show up. They are supposed to remodel the site’s gym. Colby Chambers has put off his workout but decides he can’t wait any longer.

He walks in, introduces himself, and begins lifting weights. Ethan takes a few sly looks at Colby’s chiseled body. “So? What do you do for work,” Ethan wonders. Colby chuckles. “My husband and I own a gayporn site,” he replies.

Ethan’s intrigued. “I’ve always kind of thought about wanting to do that but it just seems so complicated,” he notes. “I wouldn’t know where to start.” “It’s pretty simple,” Colby explains. “Would you, maybe, like to show me,” Ethan shyly asks.

Colby gladly takes the “assignment,” sauntering to the bench where Ethan sits. “Give you a crash course on how gay porn works,” Colby remarks. He sits next to Ethan and they kiss. Colby pulls back Ethan’s T-shirt and snacks on a nipple. He then licks an armpit.


When Colby stands up, Ethan hits his knees. “Check out this package,” he murmurs, pulling Colby’s shorts down. Ethan consumes Colby’s cock, licking the head and shaft. He swallows to the base. “Fuck, yeah,” Colby declares. “Take it down your throat.” “Tastes so good,” Ethan replies.

Colby holds Ethan’s head and tenderly face fucks. “Let’s see how deep you can take it,” Colby states. Ethan gags but doesn’t pull off the meat. “Feel those throat muscles,” Colby comments. “Would it turn you on if your boss walked in?” “This is turning me on too much,” Ethan replies. “I can’t stop.” He stands up, returning to the bench.

This time he’s on his hands and knees. “Going to take me right here on this bench,” he wonders. Colby pulls down Ethan’s white shorts and blue underwear. He dives into the tight hole, feasting on it. “Fuck. Your tongue feels so good,” Ethan exclaims. “You’re getting me so wet.” “Perfect fucking hole,” Colby replies.

He gives both cheeks sharp slaps. “I love your tongue,” Ethan whimpers. “You’re going to love my dick more,” Colby says. He gets up, placing the tip right at the backdoor. He gradually works the raw meat inside. “Fuck, yeah,” he calls out. “Take it all.” Ethan moves his sweet booty back. “Bounce on that dick,” Colby encourages. “Fuck me, please,” Ethan begs.


Colby lets him take charge so he can get used to his dick’s girth. “You like my tight pussy,” Ethan wonders. Colby is methodically deep dicks. “Give me that little boy hole,” he whispers. “Fuck you silly.”

Ethan removes his pants and underwear; he gets on his stomach on the bench. Colby stuffs his Johnson back inside. “Fuck me,” Ethan groans. “Please.” He changes positions.

This time on his back, legs on Colby’s shoulders. When Colby reinserts his dick, Ethan grabs Colby’s arms and thighs. He lifts Ethan, suspended midair, and impaled on cock. “Fuck. That feels so good,” Ethan moans. “That tight ass,” Colby whispers. He leads Ethan to a stepladder.

He holds on, still in midair. Colby pummels his insides. ”Drill that fucking ass,” Colby states. “Boy, take it.” He carries Ethan back to the bench, where it all started. Ethan is on his back, stroking his meat. “I know you want to come,” Ethan notes.


He wants to do the same. In this “who will bust first” race, Ethan wins. His milky load shoots out in multiple spurts. “Fuck. That’s hot,” Colby whispers.

He wants to leave something inside the apprentice. Ethan gets all fours. “Please give it to me,” he whispers. “I want it. Breed my fucking ass.” Colby varnishes Ethan’s insides and hole opening with cum. Watch the full episode of this hot twinks gayporn update at

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