BelAmiOnline: Jordan Faris and Kieran Benning

It has been a while since Jordan Faris, one of BelAmi’s hottest gay pornstars, has graced us with his presence in some hardcore action. But today, fans can rejoice as he is paired with none other than XL-dicked stud, Kieran Benning.

This long-awaited pairing has been highly anticipated by fans and it’s safe to say that the wait was well worth it. The chemistry between Jordan and Kieran is undeniable, making for one sizzling-hot encounter.

Shot in one of BelAmi’s beautiful South African locations, this scene promises to not only heat up the screens but also warm up those in the Northern Hemisphere enduring the long winter season.

As the scene begins, we see a playful and flirty Jordan eagerly waiting for Kieran to join him. The anticipation is palpable as Jordan’s excitement is clear. And who could blame him? Kieran’s thick cock is sure to leave any bottom craving more.


As the two begin to undress and explore each other’s bodies, it is evident that they are a perfect match. Jordan’s toned and athletic physique compliments Kieran’s muscular and sculpted frame. It’s a visual treat for viewers as they watch these two beautiful men entangle in lust and desire.

The action quickly heats up as Jordan gets on his knees to take Kieran’s massive member in his mouth. He wastes no time in showing off his impressive deep-throating skills, much to Kieran’s pleasure. The sounds of Kieran’s moans and the sight of Jordan’s determination are enough to make any fan weak in the knees.

But the real pleasure comes when Kieran returns the favor and gives Jordan a taste of his XL dick. The look of ecstasy on Jordan’s face as he is being stretched and filled by Kieran’s impressive endowment is a sight to behold.

As the scene progresses, the two engage in some intense and passionate fucking, leaving no doubt that they are thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. Their queerotism is off the charts as they switch positions and continue to explore each other’s bodies.


And just when you think the scene couldn’t get any hotter, Kieran takes it to the next level by giving Jordan a facial that is sure to leave viewers in awe.

It’s clear that the combination of Jordan’s insatiable appetite and Kieran’s XL cock is a recipe for success. This scene is a must-watch for any BelAmi fan and is sure to leave them wanting more of these two stunning performers.

So, for those enduring the long winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, this scene(watch here) is sure to warm up your days. And for those in the Southern Hemisphere, well, consider this some extra heat to your already warm summer days. Either way, Jordan Faris and Kieran Benning’s passionate and steamy encounter is a must-see for anyone who appreciates beautiful men and scorching hot action.


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