I Wanna Fuck Tony – Scott Smith and Tony Keit

Tony Keit is a young twink with a boyish charm that can make any guy’s heart skip a beat. He’s the kind of BoyFun hottie that turns heads when he walks by and has guys drooling over his beautiful, toned fuck body.

It’s no surprise that the adorable Tony caught the attention of a horny local boy, Scott Smith.

Scott had been admiring Tony from afar, checking out sexy pictures of him on his phone and imagining what it would be like to have him in his bed.

Finally, he couldn’t resist any longer and mustered up the courage to invite Tony over. Lucky for him, Tony is always looking for new friends to have some fun with and eagerly accepts the invitation.


As soon as Tony arrived at Scott’s place, the chemistry between the two boys was palpable.

They wasted no time getting to know each other, their lips meeting in a hungry kiss and their shirts quickly slipping off.

Their hands explored each other’s smooth bodies, tracing their muscles and caressing their skin.

The sexual tension between Tony and Scott was rising with each passing second. Both boys could feel their cocks growing hard inside their pants, begging to be released.


They finally revealed their stiff lengths to each other, comparing their erections for the first time.

Both boys were impressed with what they saw, and they couldn’t wait to get a taste of each other.

Tony eagerly wrapped his cute mouth around Scott’s delicious cock, while his hard length was being wanked by his new friend.

Tony was an expert at pleasuring a man with his mouth, and he delighted in every moan and gasp that escaped Scott’s lips.


But Scott couldn’t let Tony have all the fun. He was itching to get his hands and mouth on Tony’s cock, and he wasn’t disappointed.

Using his skilled lips and tongue, Scott drove Tony wild with pleasure, making him moan and squirm with ecstasy.

But it was clear that what both boys wanted was to fuck. Their mouths were great, but nothing beats the feeling of a hot, bare length pumping inside you.

With Tony on his back, Scott gently eased his naked muscle inside, sliding in and out of his tight, warm ass.


The pleasure was almost too much to handle, and Scott couldn’t hold back for long. With a few final thrusts, he pulled out and shot his load, making a gooey mess all over Tony’s hairless abs.

Seeing Scott climax was enough to send Tony over the edge, and he quickly followed suit, shooting his milky cum all over himself.

As they lay there, spent and satisfied, both boys knew that this wouldn’t be the last time they hooked up.

The chemistry between them was undeniable, and they couldn’t wait to explore each other’s bodies again and again.


Tony Keit and Scott Smith may have started as two strangers, but they were well on their way to becoming much more than that.

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