Live Wired: Sc 3 – Baxxx and Beaux Banks

Live Wired: Sc 3

NakedSword has dropped an electrifying LIVE WIRED Sc 3 fuck and just in time for Halloween, you’re getting a real Bareback anal pounding from horny fuckers like Beaux Banks and Baxxx!

It’s a load overload! Now available exclusively on “the Netflix of gay porn” – NakedSword

The live-action between hottie Beaux Banks and built newcomer Baxxx starts with a sexy ice-breaker chat, but it’s not long before Beaux is on his knees giving Baxxx’s big dick the sucking of a lifetime.

Naturally, Baxxx is eager to return the favor by putting Beaux on his back and spreading his legs wide for a deep rim job.


Then, it’s ass-up for Beaux as Baxxx slams his cock right into Beaux’s tight asshole and pounds him like it’s his last fuck ever.

It’s never enough for Beaux, though, so when Baxxx lies on his back, Beaux mounts his stiff bareback dick and rides before taking Baxxx’s wet dick back into his mouth.

Watching Beaux taste his hole has Baxxx shooting jizz all over Beaux’s beautiful face while Beaux jerks his dick to a more than satisfying ending.

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