Luis Angel & Archi Gold in the “Sizzling Seduction” on BoyFun

BoyFun Studio releases a new scene entitled “Sizzling Seduction” featuring gay porn twinks Luis Angel and Archi Gold.

Everyone likes the salivating smell of bacon in the morning, but Archi Gold is craving something else when he walks into the kitchen and finds sexy Luis Angel preparing breakfast in this new BoyFun update. Luis is coaxed away from the frying pan by some sensuous smooches, and Archi is soon savoring the taste of some meaty young sausage…

Those sucks and slurps of his lovely uncut cock soon have the lads leaving their breakfast plans and moving to the couch, where Archi continues his eager feast of his pal’s long and curved penis, wanking and sucking his hard and damp inches. Luis, on the other hand, is just as enthusiastic with Archi’s similarly delicious meat liberated from his straining pants, the gorgeous lad goes to business on his length, moving to his buddy’s flawlessly smooth ass when Archi gives it up for some rimming.

The sizzling session really heats up as Luis puts his bareback dick tip between those wet cheeks and pushes into his friend’s heated hole, following it up with every inch of his naked pole. Archi takes the initiative right away, jumping on his friend’s lap while his own cock swings and slaps around with lust. The thrill of his friend’s engorged penis inside his chute immediately makes him want to burst his load out, but this boy is going to keep it going for as long as he can.

When he’s laying back on his shoulders, getting fucked at the end of the sofa, his cock launches a scorching volley of twink semen all over his hairless body, he’s reached his limit. Luis is prepared to deliver his own morning load, wanking off in his friend’s face to feed young Archi a wonderful feast of twink semen.


This is the kind of breakfast all boys need. Watch this scene’s video on BoyFun!

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