Melo Prince & Noah Smith in the “Colombian Swingers” On BoyFun

Discover the latest new release “Colombian Swingers” from BoyFun studio featuring two hot gay twinks Melo Prince and Noah Smith!

Melo Prince, a slim little boy, is swinging in the park when he attracts Noah Smith’s attention. It’s not the ideal setting for some wild BoyFun, but the two are quickly on their way to the bedroom, where their instant lust for each other can take control. And it does take control. The two are kissing and strip off their clothing as soon as they arrive. They complement one other perfectly with their sleek and lithe bodies and beautifully firm cocks.

Noah slurps his very firm dong before returning the favor and giving his smoother and paler new friend some good sucks, but he’s soon focusing on the boy’s hairless tiny, and tight hole. Melo likes the sensation of his pal’s tongue dancing about his pucker, and he enjoys the sensation of that warm and wet bareback muscle slipping into him even more.

Bugged from behind, young Melo is soon riding on his buddy’s tanned dick, his own penis flopping around and being wanked in a friendly reach around. The final spooning brings the boys there. Melo squirts his juices and creates a gorgeous twink mess before his new lover squirts his milky goo right into his adorable face.

This certainly beats spending the afternoon in the park. Enjoy the gallery below and watch this scene video here!

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  1. 13 August 2023

    […] our CockyPost blog. And if you are a regular visitor to that blog you must have seen him in the “Colombian Swingers” scene with Melo […]