CockyPost introduces a new way to interact with fans and webmasters. Whether you are into porn blogging or online money making, mentions are the best way to drive leads and traffic to your blog, website, or even your social profile.

So, How CockyPost Mentions work?

While we all understand the need for a successful online presence, engaging and exchanging traffic is very essential. We have come up with the CP Blog Mentions program to leverage the gay porn online platform. CP Blog Mention works like stated below:

  • Through referrals: we use links to share and drive traffic to each other’s site.
  • Onlyfans: Erotic male models with Onlyfans accounts can promote their profiles on CP’s Blog by sharing exclusively their photos with us. You may be prompted for an interview Q’n’A.

And, Where Do You Get Mentioned In Our Blog?

  • EroBlogging Post Articles
  • CP’s Top List
  • Pornstar Category

Lastly, at the end of every week, we will be having our weekly mentions. Here we do highlight the most trending posts from our blog and also from other friendly blogs and social media profiles (e.g. Onlyfans). So if you want to ride along with us, contact CP Blog.