Anniversary Surprise -BAREBACK- Mickey Knox & Colby Chambers

This week’s ColbyKnox release started off with a bareback bang – or rather, a knock on the door. Colby Chambers had something special planned for his husband Mickey Knox as today was their 7th wedding anniversary.

With a bouquet of roses in hand, Colby pulled into the driveway and rushed to the front door, eager to surprise his husband.

Little did he know, Mickey had an even bigger surprise in store for him.

As Colby walked in, he was taken aback to find his husband completely naked, save for a blindfold and noise-canceling headphones. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the words ‘Happy Anniversary‘ written across Mickey’s ass cheeks.


Setting the roses aside, Colby clicked his fingers and waved his arms, testing if Mickey could see or hear him. With no response, he slipped off his shoes and got on his knees behind his spread-out husband.

Without hesitation, Colby dove in, burying his face in Mickey’s willing hole and devouring him with his tongue. ‘Oh fuck!’ Mickey exclaimed, his body trembling as Colby’s skilled tongue worked its magic.

Colby Chambers quickly peeled off his shirt and continued to lick and tease Mickey’s sensitive hole, causing him to moan even louder. Finally, Colby took off Mickey’s headphones, and the two exchanged their own ‘Happy anniversaries’ before locking lips in a passionate kiss.

Colby went back to licking and exploring Mickey’s hole, slapping his ass playfully every now and then. ‘It feels so good,’ Mickey whispered, his voice filled with pleasure.


Colby then slipped off his blindfold, revealing his husband’s beautiful face and his own wide grin. ‘How long have you been waiting here?’ Colby asked, curious and turned on by the whole surprise.

‘Like, 20 minutes,’ Mickey responded with a seductive smile. Colby couldn’t help but feel proud of himself for planning such an incredible anniversary present.

‘I love my anniversary present,’ Colby said as he continued to lick and tease Mickey’s hole, his hands roaming over his husband’s body and grabbing onto his hard cock.

After some more licking, spanking, and groping, Colby finally stood up and grabbed a bottle of lube. ‘You ready for that present?’ he asked Mickey Knox, his fingers already lubing up his thick, hard cock. Mickey nodded eagerly, a look of anticipation and excitement on his face.


Colby leaned down and slowly entered his husband, taking his time to make sure Mickey was ready and fully relaxed. ‘Feel that fucking throb in you,’ Colby moaned as he slid half of his cock into Mickey, the sensation making them both shiver with pleasure. Colby couldn’t resist licking at Mickey’s ear, driving him wild with desire.

As they both moaned in ecstasy, Colby started to thrust his hips, picking up the pace with each passionate thrust. ‘Oh my God!’ Mickey cried out, overwhelmed with pleasure as Colby’s cock filled him up and his tongue traced patterns on his skin.

With each deep thrust, Colby felt an intense connection with his husband, and he knew that Mickey was feeling the same. Together, they moved in perfect harmony, their bodies entwined in a dance of love and passion.

After what felt like an eternity of pure bliss, Colby and Mickey finally reached their climax together, the sound of their moans echoing through the room as they held each other tightly.


As they lay together, wrapped in each other’s arms, Colby whispered, ‘I love you.’ And Mickey replied, ‘I love you too.’

With their anniversary celebration off to an explosive start, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox were already looking forward to the years to come and the love and surprises that they would bring.

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