2069: The Military InFILLtration- Tony Genius, Jay Wu & Ander Wolfson

It’s time to dive back into the queerotic fantasies of 2069, where the military’s elite squad, known as the QBoys, are facing yet another dangerous mission. In the latest episode of the popular Military InFILLtration series by PeterFever Studio, fans are treated to an intense and steamy gay porn scene featuring the one and only Tony Genius, alongside popular Asian gayporn stars Jay Wu and Ander Wolfson.

For those who are following the series, you can find all the updates on our blog and follow us on Twitter/X. This highly anticipated episode once again showcases the incredible sexual fantasies between these three talented and attractive men, making it a must-watch for all fans of the genre.

The scene opens with Jay and Ander, two of the QBoys, trying to protect their private time together as they are interrupted by Tony, a new recruit who is eager to become one of them.

With Tony’s arrival, they are now faced with the task of converting him into a full-fledged QBoy. But as any fan of the series knows, sharing is caring when it comes to the QBoys, and in this episode, it’s time for Ander to share his boy with Tony.


Jay takes the lead and presses Ander down onto his knees, instructing him to start sucking off both of them. Tony’s hard and impressive tool immediately catches Jay’s attention, and he can’t resist getting a taste of it himself.

But the real star of the show is Ander, who eagerly shows off his skills as he works his mouth and throat on both Commander Jay and the new recruit, Tony.

However, this is just the beginning of the action as things quickly heat up with some intense rimming and anal play. Ander’s tight hole is prepared with expert tongues from Jay and Tony before they take turns penetrating him.

Tony goes first, but then hands over this prize butthole to the boss, Jay. Ander can’t help but let out moans of pleasure as the two men take turns pounding him with their raw cocks.


As the scene reaches its climax, Tony and Jay stand over Ander, beating their cocks in unison as they each give him a load of manjuice. Ander is left completely soaked in his lover’s cum, but he is more than satisfied.

In a moment of triumph, Jay welcomes Tony into the QBoys, stating proudly, ‘Guess you’re one of us now!’ However, little do they know that Tony has a hidden agenda as he secretly reports back to his boss in the Loud Boys through his wrist radio.

It seems that Tony’s divided loyalty will come back to cause trouble for the QBoys in the future, but for now, they can revel in the steamy and intense sexual encounter they just had.

The Military InFILLtration Episode 4 is not one to miss for fans of gay porn, as it delivers on all fronts – steamy sex, attractive men, and an intriguing plot. Stay tuned for more episodes in this thrilling series, and don’t forget to come back and read more from our hottest gay porn blog and follow us on Twitter/X for all the latest updates.


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