NakedSwords “I’m Following You” Starring Ricky Roman & Tony Genius!

A brand new chapter of THE SWORDS saga just dropped on NakedSword! For the premiere of I’M FOLLOWING YOU, Exclusive Cole Connor and Tony Genius are returning to NakedSword Originals’ action-adventure franchise as undercover porn star secret agents and sailing off to Fire Island to enlist Ricky Roman as a new recruit. Little do they know though, they’re being followed by an obsessive fan, Greg Riley, who’s watching their every move and nabbing a front-row seat to watch Tony flip-fuck Ricky on the Fire Island coast!

The NakedSword Scene: I’m Following You Sc 1

NakedSword Originals and award-winning director Marc MacNamara are back in action for the fifth installment of ‘The Swords saga. I’m Following You takes viewers to the very edge of sexual obsession as one performer’s desire to become the biggest name in adult film threatens The Swords and its many porn star peacekeepers.

Desperately hoping to become a bankable name in the adult industry, handsome Greg Riley has traveled all the way to Fire Island to follow his favorite bareback performers and learn from them first-hand. When he comes across Tony Genius and Ricky Roman on the coastline, he pulls his camera out to capture every minute of the two flip-fucking and even obtains footage of Tony recruiting Ricky to become an undercover Swords agent.

Greg Riley immediately confronts Cole Connor with the recording and threatens to go public with his new knowledge unless someone agrees to help him with his career. Cole eventually complies with the ultimatum and stages an entire versatile scene to show the hopeful star what it takes to fuck like a professional.


Worried about Cole’s mysterious disappearance, Jordan Starr goes to Officer Nick Cranston for help – but the muscled cop would rather just pound the worried Fire Islander on his dining room table than look for his lost pal. In a cumback that nobody could have predicted, traitor Michael Boston then resurfaces with a mission to make Cole Connor and Tony Genius arrange the release of his captured associate.

Aided by his twisted ally, Tristan Hunter, the bubble-bottomed porn star makes his grand return by tying up the two secret agents and flip-fucking with Tristan as he waits for the men to give in to his every demand.

The Models: Ricky Roman and Tony Genius

Adult industry newcomer Greg Riley is spying on unsuspecting porn stars all around Fire Island with the mission to learn their best fuck techniques. Little does he know, the bareback performer he’s currently following, Tony Genius, is on his own mission to recruit Ricky Roman as a porn star secret agent for The Swords.

Before, though, Ricky insists that Tony take care of his pent-up load (watch here). Not thinking anyone is watching – especially someone as unhinged as Greg – Tony obliges and begins sucking off his buddy from the front and the back on the Fire Island coast.

The two men flip-fuck across a fallen tree with each of them getting the chance to stuff the other as ocean water crashes into them. With Tony on his back getting rammed and Greg still peeping the public hookup, The Swords agent lets out a satisfying (Watch here) nut right before Ricky pulls out of Tony’s hot hole to shoot his own ropes.

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