Paul Mason & Timmy Cole in the “Cell Phone Suprise” Scene on BoyFun

Twinks Paul Mason and Timmy Cole are Featured in “Cell Phone Suprise” exclusively on the BoyFun website.

Super fit and sexy young twink Paul Mason is the kind of friend we would all love to hook up with, so it’s all acceptable if you’ll get a little jealous of lucky Timmy Cole in this BoyFun bedroom play moment. Paul is kind of worked up after watching some gay porn on his phone, and although he’s in denial, his cock is swollen in his jeans and won’t show a lie either. Timmy recognizes that horny bulge and he wastes no time in groping his pal’s hard pipe under the denim.

Since it’s not okay to waste such a youthful boner, and with a little loving smooch the friends get ready to make use of that swollen hard Paul’s cock. It’s had to tell what kind of porn young Paul was watching when he got interrupted but whatever it was, it definitely can’t compete with the pleasure of lucky Timmy’s sucking mouth on his big fleshy shaft.

That 8-inch dong is then serviced expertly by the greedy lover boy and after gagging on the perfect cock his own lovely penis gets free for Paul to blowjob. Though he ain’t used to sucking another boy’s boner, like all other horny teens who try for the first time he quickly learns how delicious it is.

Paul gets excited sliding his naked teen erection into Timmy’s welcoming little hole, after giving it a good licking. He pumps that hot pucker with his thick 8-inch uncut dong and gives his buddy a ride on his cock, with a little reach around wanking too before finishing up with a ramming missionary.


It’s enough to have any bottom creaming all over themselves and Timmy is no exception, splashing his sperm up his hairless body, a sight young Paul can’t witness without pulling out to pump his own teen cream over his buddy too.

I bet next time Paul thinks about watching porn and having a wank, he’ll definitely seek out his new fuck buddy instead.

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