Peeper At The Window – Henry Levitts & Sammy Gates

We’re not suggesting that snooping and spying on a horny young man pleasuring his throbbing pink dong in the privacy of his own bedroom is acceptable, but we can certainly understand why a curious twink like Henry Levitts finds himself unable to look away when he discovers his neighbor stroking his incredible cock in this BoyFun encounter.

Right up until the twinky masturbator notices his audience watching through the window, his gaze is fixed on the pink and moist erection Sammy Gates is massaging in his skilled fist. Fortunately for curious child Henry Levitts, his bold performer is swiftly inviting him inside for a better look, and you can believe the boy is eager to inspect that tool more thoroughly.

Henry Levitts is soon sucking on the tasty cock with a welcoming smooch and a hold of that thick flesh, his own garments being peeled away till Sammy gets the chance to lick on the juicy meat his new friend has between his legs.

Henry is overjoyed that he was caught observing the youngster when his ass is being licked and invaded by the bareback pink tool Henry was about to empty all by himself. The young masturbator is overjoyed to be slamming that warm hole from behind, spooning his pal, and having young Henry spill his hot sperm from his wild rod.

With a fountain of cream gushing from Sammy’s massive dick, his new bottom buddy can’t help but try some of the fresh juice, and we all know it won’t be the last time this hot neighbor receives the cream now that he knows his neighbor is willing to share his dong.

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