An Anthology Presentation of 5 Historical Scenes!

A special feature-length Pride anthology presentation of 5 historical scenes!

Pride always brings out the best in boys and gathers the best lads in celebration! Hang out with your favorite Helix hotties as they enjoy the festivals, show their pride in the parade, and get pounded by hot boys with tremendous appetites for ass! This cock hardening pride collection features fan favorites from Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Pride, where they come across some delectable new faces and phalluses! Because this is a Pride collection, the Helix team had to finalize with an all-out, all-star, ass-bangin’ orgie! These beautifully gooey gay pride pound-down sceneries will have your Pride flag flying high and proud…. never lowering to half-mast for a second!

Pride Collection Scene 1: Getting Lucky at Las Vegas Pride

[29 min] Starring: Derek Shaw and Luca Ambrose

There’s magic and music in the air as a big, beautiful group of Helix hotties celebrates Pride in Las Vegas! As the night progresses, gorgeous Derek Shaw and delectable twink Luca Ambrose become more intimate. Naturally, the porn-perfect couple returns home for some post-Pride beating!

Shaw envelops his little, slender partner, kissing and caressing him as he removes his underwear and smacks the twink on the ass. Luca, Dick’s lover, heads south and IN on Shaw’s swelling shaft, gulping and slurping the super sizer until a trail of saliva seeps from his mouth. Then Derek, the studly hottie, returns the favor. As the couple grasps hands, he kisses the boy’s cock before a delightful deep throating.


Top dawg Derek then flips his twink over to devour that amazing, smooth back seat. He divides his work area, then drives his thick, middle digit inside before hitting the guy on the keister and yelling, “Let’s go.” Ambrose goes up on his cock and sits, his hole swelling with delight as his diamond-hard dick dances for the camera.


Shaw wraps his arm around him and turns the twink on his side for some more fuck. Shaw embraces the guy’s attractive face for a deep kiss, revealing the cock hardening chemistry. Luca is the next to be thrown out on his back. As Derek continues to dick him down, he strokes his huge dick.

The bronze bottom soon blows his boy load, coating his smooth, shredded tummy AND chest! “That’s gonna make me cum!” exclaims Shaw. And he sure does!!! He splatters an amazing nut shoot on Luca’s hair, eye, cheek, nose, and tongue before kissing his cum-covered face!

Pride Collection Scene 2: Pride Pound

[24 min] Starring: Ashton Summers and Tyler Hill

During Gay Pride, there’s always a certain kind of magic in the air. After a long day of celebrating, Ashton Summers and Tyler Hill return to the house to shower. Tyler appears to be dripping wet as he suds up his silky plump backside.

He notices Summers getting a good look and motions for the guy to join in. The Latin lover’s cock stands at full attention the moment Tyler’s gorgeous lips contact Ashton’s body! He seizes hold of Tyler’s smooth hole, widening it to allow for a probing fuck with his fingers and tongue. Tyler’s ass is flawless, and Ashton has the dick to match.

Hill treats the throbbing hog like the magnificently blessed groin that it is, deep-throating the bad boy all the way to the balls. Ashton bends the youngster over the counter and dishes him some serious schlong, giving out seconds and thirds in every deep, pole-probing position with one more lick to Hill’s hiney.

Hill is stuffed fucktastically full, but when Summers offers his creamy dessert, Tyler is all than happy to accept every last morsel of the delectable delight. Yummy.

Pride Collection Scene 3: Pride Parade Pounding

[27 min] Starring: Derek Shaw and Garrett Kinsley

Join Helix hotties at the Pride Parade, where there’s enchantment in the air and filthy ideas running through Garrett Kinsley’s head! Dancing with uber-hunk Derek Shaw gets Garrett’s wheels going, and we get a beautiful glimpse into the pretty boy’s thoughts.


He’s sucking face with Shaw, and the smoldering smolder appears to melt their garments away. Kinsley kisses his way to Derek’s rock-hard dick, which protrudes from his drawers! He unwraps the large package and begins licking and hitting himself in the face with the fat phallus.

Derek, horned up and ravenous, pantses the dirty blond dick sucker and devours Garrett’s meat. Shaw flips the tan twink around and sticks his tongue into that tight hole, wanting to moisten his work area. Then he inserts the entire epic length of his cock.

He stomps on Kinsley’s keister, forcing the lovely bottom to arch in delight. Shaw smacks the boy’s butt on his back and side while smacking that bubble and making Garrett say who’s ass it is after some fantastic doggy style.

Kinsley jumps on for a wild ride, bucking the massive beast till his dong dishes out an epic load all over Shaw’s studly tummy. Derek pulls out and dumps his D all over his bottom’s lovely backside, covered in smoldering, sex sweat. Kinsley goes back down on the king-sized cock, wanting to feel that warmth inside, and lands another kiss on his lovely top.

Pride Collection Scene 4: Hollywood Pride Hook-up

[29 min] Starring: Anderson Lovell and Matthew Keading

With new smooth twink Matthew Keading, the Helix twinks on an epic road journey to L.A. Pride. After arriving in Los Angeles, Matthew meets the very attractive Anderson Lovell, and you can tell they hit it off right away.

The two boys rapidly become acquainted, and they soon find themselves alone in a hotel room, ready to fuck. Anderson begins by going down on Matthew’s raging hard boner, then loosens up Matthew’s tight asshole in preparation for his enormous dick.

Anderson fucks Matthew long and hard on his back while Matthew shouts out in delight.

Pride Collection Scene 5: Vegas Pride Afterparty

[23 min] Starring: Ashton Summers, Cameron Parks, Joey Mills, and Cole Claire

Join Ashton Summers, Cameron Parks, Joey Mills, and Cole Claire as they celebrate with hundreds of handsome males at Vegas Pride, dancing, drinking, and taking selfies with fans. Gay Pride is usually a good time, but the REAL party is always during the after-parties! The fab four are staying in a hotel suite together, and while Ashton and Joey are playing pool, Cameron is sucking on the sofa.


Helix hot pool players decide to boost the excitement, so Ashton bends Joey over the table and places his own pool cue in Mills’ lovely pocket. When the pervy pool players notice Cole and Cam staring at them, they invite them to join in on the fun, and the real party begins!

A bareback bang-a-thon of epic proportions takes place around every hole in the pool table, with every cock combo imaginable! Dicks are licked while asses are filled with massive bareback boners in positions often reserved for Olympic wrestlers. There is a spectacular train bang that will leave you breathless (and possibly seedless!). Cole gets wailed on the ottoman after the foursome uses the pool table and couch for their wicked actions.

After a good thrashing, the guys huddle around Cole and drown him in white hot cream from their three throbbing cocks in an ecstatic, oozing bukkake fest! As Mills monster dangles down to the kid’s cum loaded kisser, Cole licks every cock drop he can, appearing like a lad in dire need of dick protein. Housekeeping is going to have a lot of work to do, but we’re sure the boys left a nice tip. They almost always do. Indeed, Happy Pride!

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