Ricky Roman Delivers A Denim Dick-Down To Andy Adler

Do you want to see what Ricky Roman is rocking underneath that zipper? This tattooed hunk is delivering the year’s hottest (and probably only) denim dicking as he sheds off his MANY layers of blue to pull out his hot cock and bareback Andy Adler in a pile of loose jeans for the latest update from NakedSword Originals. Get into this slick stockroom hookup right now, only on NakedSword.com!

The Scene: Ricky Roman and Andy Adler

Ricky Roman and Andy Adler are alone after hours in their co-owned denim factory when they decide to ditch their blue jeans for some steamy stockroom sex. Andy eagerly covers the heartthrob’s big dick with his saliva and flips himself upside down so Ricky can eat out his perfectly shaved asshole.

With Ricky now lying in a heap of loose fabric, Andy goes for a ride on Ricky’s raw rod, with Ricky then taking Andy from behind to give him a bareback denim dicking his ass will never forget.

The tattooed top then pulls out to taste Andy’s hot cock before reinserting his hog into the twunk’s ass, devouring Andy’s loose load and creeping up to bust onto the bottom’s tongue.

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