Streched Twinks – Nils Larsen and Tim Gottfrid

Nils Larsen is the kind of handsome young BoyFun twink always likely to get the attention of a sporty passerby like Tim Gottfrid.

On this occasion, it’s obvious almost immediately that their curious interest is mutual.

Nils likes what he sees when the blond boy pauses to enjoy a little stretching while on his morning run, but they soon have another kind of workout in mind.

All confident young Tim needs to do is drop his phone number and cutie Nils is soon meeting up with him in the bedroom where the two can kiss and explore each other with freedom.


It’s mere moments before the two lean and smooth young guys are stripped down to their underwear, and only a few moments more before their hard young twink cocks are throbbing and leaking precum in each other’s sucking mouths.

With a determined licking of young Nils’ super snug hole(watch here), the boy quickly welcomes his new pal to slide that naked length in deep, filling the twink bottom in a spooning position before Nils straddles his buddy for a thorough ride.

This kind of workout can only end with a couple of gushing spooge shots. Young Nils takes it with delight, his cock gushing his sperm over his stomach while Tim showers him with his sporty boy cream.

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