The Art Of Swallowing Sc 1 – Travis Connor and Sonny Blonde

The Art Of Swallowing Sc 1

How often do you practice THE ART OF SWALLOWING? If you’re anything like NakedSword Original’s newbies Travis Connor and Sonny Blonde in this new gayporn movie, you’ll do whatever it takes to coat your throat with a fresh crop of cum.

When you see today’s world premiere of NakedSword’s brand new seed-soaked movie, THE ART OF SWALLOWING, you’ll understand what we mean.

Movie Introduction: The Art Of Swallowing

When a guy is given the title of “Master Cocksucker” or “Certified Dick Fiend,” he must frequently practice and demonstrate true dedication to ‘The Art of Swallowing.’

In this new, cum-drenched movie for NakedSword Originals, award-winning director Marc MacNamara has gathered eight of these men to chronicle their enthusiasm for each other’s bodies, hogs, and loads.

In the first vignette, a hung-over and fuck-ready Sonny Blonde is about to discover why Travis Connor is known for being able to extract every drop of jizz from a man’s testicles as the two flip-fuck and release into each other’s mouths.

Following that, after hearing numerous reports about how Luka Phoenix has the hottest nut in NYC, Andre Bedford sets out to find out if this hung stranger’s load is as enormous and legendary as everyone claims.

Phoenix Ocean is planning a private cooking session with chef JJ Knight across the city in the hopes of tasting his colossal meat, getting fucked across the kitchen counter, and eating the cook’s creamy seed.

Then, versatile jock Matty West is lost in a life-like sexual fantasy with gym crush Luca del Rey, fantasizing how great it will be when they eventually fuck each other in the ass and trade loads.

The Art Of Swallowing Scene 1 Featuring Gay pornstars Travis Connor and Sonny Blonde

Sonny Blonde is hungover, full of cum, and about to discover why versatile cocksucker Travis Connor has a reputation for drawing every drop of nut from a man’s balls.

Sonny falls back, his 6’4″ muscle hunk on his knees and his pants around his ankles, while Travis gobbles down his nine uncut inches.

Travis is then rimmed and barebacked till Sonny’s enormous dick bursts and is ready to release directly onto Travis’ tongue.

Sonny, tired but eager to repay the favor, deepthroats his hairy partner’s meat and throws his legs back to get hard fucked.

When Travis is finally aching to bust, Sonny masterfully practices ‘The Art of Swallowing’ by falling to his knees and eating up all the nut shooting from Travis’ dick slit.

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