The Art of Swallowing Sc 4 – Luca del Rey & Matty West

The conclusion to THE ART OF SWALLOWING Sc 4 is now available on NakedSword. We’re delving deep into Matty West’s cum-covered, flip-fucking dreams as he crushes on his toned gym crush, Exclusive Luca del Rey, for the final chapter of this seed-soaked story.

It’s a load overload! Now available exclusively on “the Netflix of gay porn” – NakedSword

Sweaty jock Matty West is following his gym crush, Luca del Rey, into the restroom when he falls into a deep life-like sexual fantasy that has him tasting Luca’s precum and flip-fucking the muscular stranger.

Surrounded by walls of hanging vines, Luca gets lost between Matty’s round cheeks as he eats him out and buries his bareback cock in his hole.


The gym crush continues to hit Matty from behind until his balls are bursting and Matty is dropping down to eat up his messy nut.

Now fucking alongside an endless row of mirrors, it’s Matty’s turn to deliver a fat load as Luca sucks him off and jumps in a bathtub to take a ride on his raw hog.

When it’s time, Luca is on his knees, jaw open and tongue out, as Matty shoots his ropes and gives Luca a long-awaited cum-covered facial.

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