The Boy & The Barber – Ander Marin & Billy Garcia

Billy Garcia is a young barber who makes a good living by providing services to attractive clients such as Ander Marin. But it turns out that this handsome young man also makes the most of his profession by arranging some steamy BoyFun meetings with his favorite customers.

We can see why stunning twink Ander would pique his interest in such a way. The boy is so thin and adorable that anyone would like to hook up with him. Fortunately for him, the offer of a phone number is swiftly accepted. And we fast forward to their eventual meeting on the couch, mouths locked and avidly exploring their hands.

In a matter of moments, the youthful duo stripped down. And the talented barber is showing off some of his other skills. Swapping cocks with his customer in a delicious mutual boner slurping that leads to some foot wanking for the lean and tanned young lad. Their cocks are out of control, stiff, bulging, and wet, yet one has a hole that has to be filled.

Billy’s big and bare dong is sliding after some licks of the boy’s nude hole. And young Ander is loving a deep thrusting in every position. He grabs it from behind, rides on his barber’s lap, and settles in for a battering that can only end with his cum springing out over his stomach. Billy gives a gushing torrent of warm sperm over his adorable face.


After this meeting, we can all tell that this boy will be a repeat customer.

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