The Hustler Sc. 4 – Charlie Cherry & Diego Reyes

Charlie Cherry is a self-made billionaire who has been listed among the top most successful men of the year! Charlie, who is young and gorgeous and has a huge cock and money, is ready to celebrate with a discreet session with a top escort.

When the Spanish hustler Diego Reyes arrives at Charlie’s penthouse, he leans against the doorframe and bites his lower lip. Charlie, on the other hand, is not easily seduced; he has previously paid many guys for entertainment, and the experience will be on his terms.

Charlie offers the hustler a drink, but Diego declines because he wishes to maintain control. When Charlie insists, the escort demands double his fee. It’s a power struggle, and the businessman offers him quadruple his fee. Money is a form of power!

Diego will drink but more importantly, suck and get fucked rough by the big uncut cock until they both unload their juice. Thank you for your service, Diego.

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