The New Roomie – Andy Reyes, Archi Gold & Mike Jeison

Mike Jeison and Andy Reyes certainly know how to greet a new tenant. The boys have been checking out sexy twink arrival Archi Gold, and they’re certain he’s interested in experiencing some hot and passionate dick on BoyFun. And they were correct, as it turns out.

They devise a scheme after spotting the hot new boy on his bed in nothing but a tight tiny jock strap. They decide to see whether he wants to enjoy their throbbing twink dicks, which isn’t really a plan. Of course, the lad is eager to have some bareback fun with his lovely new housemates. He’s overjoyed to discover that he not only has a great place to live in with friendly roommates to hang out with, but he also has two wonderful large cocks to suck and ride.

He slurps on handsome Mike’s eight-inch shaft shortly after they walk into his room. In the end, Andy pumps his dick between his smooth butt cheeks. Before trading places, the boys slurp on his succulent dong and tight tiny pucker. Mike takes the boy from behind and pumps his hole with his engorged meat while Andy gets his large knob eaten.

Another couple of greedy switches see Archi riding Andy and ending up on his back. Where else, Mike deeps inside his pucker once more, resulting in an inevitable flurry of sperm spilling. Archi gets a rain of cum from his two new best friends. Which causes his eager dick to erupt a thick mess of twink cream all over his tummy.


Nobody is going to grumble about the domestic chores when there’s so much fun to be had.

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