TheBroNetwork: Casual Sauna – Edward Terrant & Leo Louis

A hot sauna may be both erotic and calming. Bros(TheBroNetwork) frequently visit this public sauna to try their luck. If the connection is good, what begins as a casual cruising session can sometimes grow into more. Edward Terrant relaxes on the steam room bench’s wood lats, building up a sweat in his short jockstrap. His sauna companion has had enough of the heat, and the cub beside him makes a quick getaway.

Leo Louis, a slender horny guy bent on getting his enormous cock casually handled by anyone interested, swiftly joins Edward. When the coast is clear, he swiftly removes his towel and shows his massive naked cock.

When Edward spots Leo’s attractive package, this inconspicuous cruising session becomes a steamy, cock sucking, ass-rimming, hole-pounding casual fuck session with a hint of emotional romance. Leo pumps in and out of Edward’s hole, cums over his ass cheeks, then pushes back in, and Edward explodes, splattering his hot load all over.

One thing is certain. The sauna at the gym isn’t the only thing that’s blazing hot today! Watch the scene trailer on TheBroNetwork!

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